The CH Foundation Metals Studio opened in September 2013. The studio offers welding, blacksmithing, and metal fabrication equipment to professional artists, students, and other members of the community. There is no other metals studio of this caliber open to the public within a 350-mile radius of Lubbock.

Beginning to advanced level classes are offered in a variety of topics including metal fabrication, blacksmithing, welding, casting, and sculpture. There are also weekend open studio hours for professional artists and class participants to continue working on projects. Click here to view current class offerings and register for a class at CASP. Email for more information.

CASP has purchased equipment for the metals studio with the generous support of The CH Foundation.

The studio is furnished with professional equipment, which includes but is not limited to the following:

3-MIG welders
TIG welder
Oxy/acetylene manifold system
Plasma cutter
Bench grinders and angle grinders
Pneumatic foot shear
Slip roller
Box and pan break
Drill press
Band saw
Gas forge
Various hand tools


The CH Foundation Foundry is now operational! We currently use resin bonded sand molds, and we are developing lost wax capabilities, including ceramic shell and traditional investment. The foundry is intended for artists, art students, CASP class participants, and the general public. It does not have the capability to do large-scale commercial contracts. For more information on using the foundry or participating in a pour please visit our classes & workshops page, email or fill out the Quick Connection form at the bottom of the page.

 bronze and aluminum pours
 Furnace operates at No. 70 crucible
 resin bonded sand molds
 1-ton chain hoist
 Professional grade safety gear and clothing